Sunday, August 2, 2015

In 2033...

"What will the world look like in 2033?"  That is the question a colleague asked last week, one that had been asked at a recent conference he attended.  I thought for a moment and responded that #2 granddaughter would be graduating from high school and #1 granddaughter will have graduated from college, so the year 2033 is pretty significant to me.

I must admit that although my career keeps me pretty deep into the world of technology I really can't imagine what new advances and developments will be available to consumers in 2033.  While I'm far from the cutting edge, I do have wearable technology, my Apple Watch.  Funny story regarding the Apple Watch - my husband commented to me over dinner a few nights ago that he really can't believe that I even like my watch because it's always telling me what to do, and neither of us respond well to people telling us what to do.  My quick witted replied was that he is mistaken - I tell the watch what to tell me so in all actuality, I am in control.  (At least I like to pretend that I am in control but that's another story.)

My little story regarding the Apple Watch is a reminder that technology is only as powerful as the one controlling the technology.  This brings me to my big question - what can we do with the technology that is afforded schools, classrooms, and students to really make a difference in student learning and ultimately their success?

Eighteen years from now is not that far away.  It's personal now - I want my granddaughters to have every possible opportunity to succeed in school, and in life.  I want my granddaughters to learn that it's about learning, creating, discovering, experimenting, collaborating, solving problems, and maximizing the tools and resources available today and tomorrow that will provide the engaging experiences that will prepare them for 2033, and beyond!

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